The Big Difference in Cell Phone Technology: CDMA vs GSM

It’s hard enough to choose what cell phone carrier you want when purchasing a new cell phone. When you decide to look for a new phone, not only do you have to choose which operating system you want (Apple iOS, Android, or Windows), but you also have a network to choose from with distinct coverage areas, data & minute plans, with many other features; let’s not forget their customer service. Before you decide on a network carrier, there is a very important decision you must make: whether you want to use a phone with CDMA technology or GSM technology. Many people ignore these acronyms when they see them on the specs of their new phones, but these seemingly innocuous options define some of the basic functions of your phone.

Free Your Phone from Your Wireless Carrier! How to Unlock your Smartphone

Smartphones are expensive! Most people do not have the money to continually purchase a new phone as soon as the newest version comes out. Maybe you want to keep this wonderful device, but are not satisfied with your cellular carrier, or you are simply moving to another country. Whatever the case may be, we all want the ability to take with us, the phone we spent all our hard earned money on, and use it with a different carrier. It’s not like an internet provider will make you buy a brand new computer, simply because you switched providers. So why do most phone companies lock their SIM to only be able to use their cellular service?

20 Most Common Symbols and Images: Better known as Icons

Whether we use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, there are always these lovely little symbols that we are just supposed to know and understand their meaning in order to utilize the device with ease. I am hoping to provide you with a short list of the most common icons or symbols that a user will come across when using a smartphone, or for that matter, browsing the internet. These symbols more or less, are called icons, and they are often overlooked because they are so ubiquitous. Seen every day without a second thought.