Top 3 Digital Payment Systems

One of the best features to come with smart phones as of recently is the ability to pay using your phone. I can’t tell you how many times it’s saved me when I forgot my wallet. Last week, I was meeting a friend for happy hour at a local sushi restaurant. We had a great time catching up, and just shooting the breeze. When we finished with our meal, my heart sank. As I reached in my pocket, I had the sudden realization that I had forgotten my wallet! Luckily I have a mobile wallet, that not only works on any digital payment system, but also works on older credit card machines that are only capable of reading a magnetic strip from a credit card! I simply told my server I would have to walk up to the cash register and use my phone to pay the bill. The server looked […]

5 Battery Myths Explained: The Truth about Saving Your Battery Life

There are a lot of myths about saving the battery life on your smartphone so that you may have more talk time, or daily usage, without having to recharge it constantly. One of the biggest problems anyone will tell you they experience when owning a smartphone is the battery life. While statistics will tell you your phone has a long lasting battery life, including an extended amount of talk time, that’s not realistic when you happen to be using your phone for multiple things throughout the day. Take for example AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The specifications list approximately 26 hours of talk time with a fully charged battery. We use smartphones for more than just talking however, and this makes our battery life significantly less talk time than what the specifications indicate. Over the past few years, smartphone batteries have advanced quite a bit from their predecessors. Perhaps you […]

The Big Difference in Cell Phone Technology: CDMA vs GSM

It’s hard enough to choose what cell phone carrier you want when purchasing a new cell phone. When you decide to look for a new phone, not only do you have to choose which operating system you want (Apple iOS, Android, or Windows), but you also have a network to choose from with distinct coverage areas, data & minute plans, with many other features; let’s not forget their customer service. Before you decide on a network carrier, there is a very important decision you must make: whether you want to use a phone with CDMA technology or GSM technology. Many people ignore these acronyms when they see them on the specs of their new phones, but these seemingly innocuous options define some of the basic functions of your phone.

20 Most Common Symbols and Images: Better known as Icons

Whether we use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, there are always these lovely little symbols that we are just supposed to know and understand their meaning in order to utilize the device with ease. I am hoping to provide you with a short list of the most common icons or symbols that a user will come across when using a smartphone, or for that matter, browsing the internet. These symbols more or less, are called icons, and they are often overlooked because they are so ubiquitous. Seen every day without a second thought.

5 Terms You Must Know When Using a Smart Phone

It seems as though everyone has a smartphone these days. Even your grandparents or great grandparents seem to own a smartphone. A smartphone gives you the world at your fingertips. Smartphones also come with a brand new language. Terms that we may be familiar with, and others that will appear quite foreign to a user. Some of the words sound made up. Who even knows what toggling means? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide, or at least have something to help us familiarize ourselves with these new terms?

The Difference Between Rooting, Jailbreaking, and Unlocking your Smart Phone

Smart Phones, Tablets, and other Smart devices are fairly tight with their security measures, limiting what they are capable of, in comparison with a PC computer for example. Jailbreaking, rooting, and unlocking are all different ways to bypass these limitations set by manufacturers and cellular carriers. Some countries even go so far as to impose laws that prevent you from doing these things with the devices you legally own and paid for. Don’t worry though, you probably won’t be fined or have any legal repercussions if you decide to do any of these things to your phone. Not that I condone illegal activity, it’s just that there haven’t been any lawsuits on record for doing it. If you own a smart phone or are brand new to the smart phone world, chances are you have heard of Rooting, Jailbreaking, and Unlocking, often being confused for doing the same thing. I’ll let […]

Top 3 Ways to Get Paid Apps for FREE

Most people don’t realize that Premium (Paid) Apps can be download and installed for free onto their smart phone. Yes it’s true folks, no matter what Operating System you use, there is a way to get these Premium Apps for FREE! There are a few ways to do this. Each phone operating system has a unique type of file (XAP, APK or IPA) that you can save the application as. This is similar to saving a picture file as a JPEG, PDF, or PNG file. It’s just a different form of saving the application to work for your particular operating system.  A lot of you may have heard the term “root” or “jailbreak“. Depending on how you proceed to load the App file on your phone, you may need to go through one of these processes. If these words scare you, or you do not want to lose your Warranty on your […]

An Introduction to Apps

So you just bought your smartphone and wonder what it can really do. You know that you can browse the web, send an SMS (Short Messenger Service), otherwise known as a text message, and can send pictures using MMS (Multimedia Messenger Service), or a fancy way of saying picture message. It has all the things a feature phone, or a non-smart phone has, including a camera, calculator, and so forth. So what makes a smartphone “special” or well, SMART. Most people would agree that smart phones are different because they are basically mini-computers. Not only can you do everything that any other basic feature phone does, they have voice activation features, and these wonderful things called apps (applications). Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t. Remember those wonderful iPhone commercials, “there’s an app for that“!