Top 3 Ways to Get Paid Apps for FREE

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Most people don’t realize that Premium (Paid) Apps can be download and installed for free onto their smart phone. Yes it’s true folks, no matter what Operating System you use, there is a way to get these Premium Apps for FREE!
There are a few ways to do this. Each phone operating system has a unique type of file (XAP, APK or IPA) that you can save the application as. This is similar to saving a picture file as a JPEG, PDF, or PNG file. It’s just a different form of saving the application to work for your particular operating system.

 A lot of you may have heard the term “root” or “jailbreak“. Depending on how you proceed to load the App file on your phone, you may need to go through one of these processes. If these words scare you, or you do not want to lose your Warranty on your phone, I recommend the other Options for loading these files on to your Smart Device.

So why would anyone want to risk losing their Warranty on their phone? Simple. Jailbreaking your device removes the restrictions that are placed by Apple or Microsoft. This allows you to install third-party software outside of the App Store. In this case, the Paid Apps you want on your phone. You can also change your default browser and mail client on your iPhone if you choose.

Unfortunately there are drawbacks to jailbreaking your phone and messing around with the system. For instance, a person can “brick” their phone which turns your super expensive smart phone into a super expensive paper weight. A bricked phone is a phone that becomes inoperable.

Of course if this happens, it is more often than not reversible; but the idea of this happening is enough for people to play it safe and never allow themselves the full potential of their phone. The other Options do not involve jailbreaking or rooting your phone. It all depends on what you want to do with your phone. If you decide to jailbreak your phone, do so at your own risk.

Directly Downloading the App files on your Phone

So how do you get these Apps for free you may ask. All you need to do is a quick search on your web browser and look for the app you want followed by the right type of file (either IPA, XAP, or APK).

There are even special websites or marketplaces you can use to download these Apps. Using a Torrent Provider or other downloading program such as Vuze, Limewire, or Utorrent can be a great way to download an App file. I will be sure to go over how to load these app files on your phone depending on the Operating System (Windows, Android, & iOS).

Let’s start with Android, as it is in my opinion, the easiest Operating System to download files and load Premium Apps for free.

One of the best thing about Android Phones is that they run on something called an open source software. What this means is that the device was designed to have free software on it.

That includes any apps you may desire, whether they are listed as Premium (paid) or not. Sound too good to be true? In this case, it’s even better than it sounds. For android phones, it is simple to load a free Paid App on your phone.

The first step is to set your Android Phone to allow these files to be opened on your device. Under the default settings of your phone, the option to open files from unknown sources is not allowed. All you need to do is go to Settings -> Security. Once in your security settings, just check unknown sources and you’re all set.

Downloading the APK file directly from your phone’s web browser allows you to skip the hassle of connecting your phone to a computer and transferring a file on your phone. The most popular websites to download the App APK file is from well known websites such as or You can also share APK files with others using cloud storage apps such as DropBox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

Once downloaded, the file will be at the top of your notifications or in your app drawer under download. Simply click on the file and click install.


Because iPhones are created with such high security, it is often times very difficult to load a Premium App without jailbreaking your device. Some of these premium Apps can be pretty costly and it would be nice to be able to download them and try them out to see if we want to purchase them later.

Well remember my introduction to Apps? You guessed it, there’s an App for that! It’s called vShare. All you need to do is go to Safari and type in their official website, and download the software for either the non-jailbroken or jailbroken phones depending on if your phone is already jailbroken. From this point, the vShare App will be loaded onto your device and you will instantly have access to hundreds of free Apps! The only difference is if you have a jailbroken phone, you will also need to be sure you have Appsync Unified installed.

Zeusmos is another great source to utilize with your iPhone. Zeusmos allows you to share and install apps without any of the restrictions Apple puts on the device. It is kind of contradictory to the idea of getting paid apps for free, because Zeusmos does have an initial one time cost.

The first step would be to download Zeusmos onto your phone by going to their store’s website on your iPhone. It will then direct you to a page that states “choose your certificate”, and you will be directed to select your provider which is either uhelious or UDID (Unique Device Identifier). You have to purchase certificates from the uhelious store or UDID store. Once you fill out the required information, tap on the install button and it will show up as an App on your iPhone. This will give you access to a list of Premium Apps to download without any cost to you!

Another great resource is a place called AppAddict. This resource allows you to download Premium Apps for free whether you are jailbroken or not. If you have a jailbroken phone, simply go to their webpage on your web browser on your mobile device, and begin searching for the apps you want and download. The great news is you are still able to install these apps if you are not jailbroken by using a tool they provide for you to use on your computer, whether you have a Mac or PC.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, AppCake is another app which allows your to download “cracked apps” directly on to  your iPhone.It lets you download and use Premium Apps from various sources for free. With Appcake installed to your jailbroken device, you can install any paid apps for free. You need to be sure to have AppSync installed, and add to the Cydia repo.

In Safari, open the AppCake website and click install AppCake for iOS. You will be directed to a website where you can click on a big Green Button that says install. Click on the install button and follow the procedures from there. With AppCake you can browse categories for apps and it gives you a look at the top 20 apps for the week. So you always have a list of the most popular apps.

Hipstore works the same way. It is a way to browse and download Premium Apps for free. It used to be only available and used the same way AppCake is with jailbroken iPhones. It now can be used on non-jailbroken iPhones! Here’s how: by going to an alternative cydia website, click on the iOSEmus “Red install” icon. It will redirect you to another page and you will click on the “Yellow install” button at the top right of the “Install Profile Screen”.

Tap install one more time, but at the bottom, and then tap “done”. From here, just go back to your home screen, and you will open the iOSEmus App. Scroll down until you see the HIPStore, tap it, and click install. From here it a message saying “ would like to install “HIPStore”, and you will tap install again. Go back to your home screen and you’ll see it downloading from there.

The only thing is, once it’s done it will be in Vietnamese. To change that to English, tap the menu icon at the top left, and click on the option that says “Cai Dat”. Then tap on “Ngôn ngu” and in the first option, there will be a sub-menu, and pick “English” which should be the second choice. You’re all set after that!

Diawi is another tool for app developers that allows you to share apps with other people. What it does is create a hyperlink to a web page in which you can share or instantly use to download your IPA file. First you need the ipa file for your app which you can download at aforementioned websites or torrents. Simply drag the file in the upload box, and it will create a unique URL, or basically a link to click on and redirect you to.

Once you send yourself the link whether it is through an app messenger, or an email, click on the link and you will be redirected to your app. Simply open the link in Safari, and click install. You’re all set and your app will be downloaded! This is probably the list amount of steps you will need to take. in any of these options.

Windows Phones are a lot simpler than iPhones. More often than not, you will not need to root your Windows Phone to get free paid apps. It is a lot easier to download directly from your phone, whether it be an XAP file saved on your Micro SD card, or you go to a website such as Tom’s Guide, which gives you a resource to download Windows apps including the free, paid, or demo apps.

You also have the ability to download an XAP file to directly from your Windows Phone by going to the aforementioned 4shared or mediafire website. Just do a simple web search for the application followed by XAP. Then follow the same procedure as if it was saved on a Micro SD, go into your store under install local apps, and install.

Transfer App File from Your Computer to Your Smart Phone

There are several ways to transfer an App to your phone. The first step in this process is to download the App File on your computer. There are a number of ways to do this, whether it is using a torrent provider, or using a website such as mediafire or 4shared. Be careful using these websites because you can often download adware or other malware to your computer.

I recommend obtaining the file through a torrent, or through another website previously mentioned such as AppAddict, or vShare if searching for an iPhone App. One of the best websites to use is, which simply allows you to search for the app you want, and download the IPA file.

With an android phone, all you need is the APK file which you can get from the aforementioned sites. Simply download whatever Premium Version of the App you want, and locate the file on your computer. Plug in your android device to your computer whether it is a Mac or PC. Your Android Device should pop up immediately on your computer. If not, just go in to devices and drives on your PC, or if you are using a Mac, open Mac Finder and search for your device. Drag or copy/cut and paste the APK file from your computer to a file on your android that you know you will be able to find easily.

From here all you need to do is go back to your Android device, and click on the APK file and it will ask you if you would like to install. Click on install and you should have your app! Don’t forget to make sure unknown sources is checked on the security settings.

Sometimes Androids come with Media Managers such as Kies Air (almost all but discontinued), or Blackberry Manager for example. These are programs that enable you to manage content saved on your device from your PC as a backup. Basically backing up any files including APK. You can transfer files through your particular phone’s media manager when your device is connected to your computer.

Speaking of Media Managers, the iPhone’s well known media manager, that backups, and stores all your information from your iPhone is the very well known iTunes. If you are trying to load an IPA file on to your iTunes, it usually cannot be a “cracked” or unauthorized version of the app or it won’t open or work unless your phone is jailbroken and you have Cydia.

To load an IPA file on to your iPhone using iTunes, you must first drag the IPA file into the apps portion of your iTunes library. Connect your device to your computer, and select your device on iTunes. For iTunes 12, on the left hand menu, click on apps and go to the app you want to install. Click on the “install” button and it will change to “Will Install”. All you have to do next is click on “Apply” in the right hand corner and you will see the app loading both on iTunes and on your device.

An alternative to iTunes, is iFunbox. iFunbox is another easy method to install ipa files or premium apps on your iPhone. Simply download iFunbox to your computer from their website and launch the program like you would iTunes, connecting your device so you can see and manage your apps using this alternative. In the “File Browser” Tab, you should see “User Applications”. From there you will click on the “Install App” button, selecting the IPA file you want installed and click open. Pretty simple.

iTools is another media manager that allows you to transfer and install apps to your iPhone. Simply download this program and plug in your phone to connect it to iTools. Under the “Applications” Tab on the left hand side, click the “Install” Button to select which IPA file you want to install on your device. Click open and it will instantly be loaded and installed! There are two separate versions of iTools for Macs and PC.

Remember HIPStore from earlier? Well they have a desktop version of it that you allows you to view, install, and remove iOS applications from your device. The great thing about HIPStore is that the download speeds are far greater than other services.

The downside is that it’s just not as fluid as other options like AppCake or iFunBox. You also have to change the language to English if you don’t speak Vietnamese. HIPStore allows you to download your favorite apps through your computer and the installation process is simplified into a three step process, with the first plugging in your USB cable, then downloading your desired IPA files and lastly, transferring them to your iOS device.

Simply go to HIPStore website, and click on any app to download. I recommend using Chrome Browser for this as you will need a translator for the website. The app download button is the left button after you choose which app you want, and you proceed to install by choosing whether you want the jailbroken version of the app or non-jailbroken version. Use iTunes, or iFunBox, or iTools to transfer the file to your device.

Another Option is using KuaiYong. It’s another alternative to AppCake, HIPStore, etc. KuaiYong is a Chinese website that allows you to download apps without jailbreaking your phone! All you need is the latest version of iTunes, iFunBox, or another media manager for your iDevice.

Once you connect your phone and launch iTunes, enter your iPhone tab, and uncheck “Automatically Synchronize New App Installed”, confirming the settings by clicking “sync” at the bottom right. After you have downloaded the KuaiYong program, open the program and begin searching for apps you want. Next, click on the red button on the left side to download, and then it will immediately be installed to your device!

You can pretty much do this process with any of the sites I provided, including AppAddicts.

With a Windows Phone, simply load your XAP file on your micro SD card, and in the App List, under Store, tap on “more” where you’ll tap “install local apps”. Select the apps you want, and click on install. That’s as simple as the android way. If there is any confusion on how to do this, Windows Phone gives a great Tutorial here. This only works for Windows 8 and above phones.

Another route is to “root” your Windows Phone. This method has been tested on the Lumia 710 and Lumia 520. A good source through the XDA Forums helps you through rooting and installing custom ROMS on your Windows Phone.

Download WPAppPatcher to your computer. This application creates an XAP file from your application installation by sending it to your computer, so it can be patched to the full version and installed again as an XAP file without the need of using a credit card or Paypal. Just Extract the “WPAppPatcher to anywhere you want on your computer. Install WPAppSender on your Windows Phone by opening WPAppPatcher > Help > Install Client.

Installing this way allows you to install cracked apps. Run the WPAppSender on your Windows Phone and type in your phone’s ip address on your computer in WPApp Patcher. Just click on any application you want to download and patch from your Phone. Make sure you click Trust WPAppSender withWP Root Tools or the app may crash on start up or apps may not download correctly.

Download Premium Apps on Alternative App Store or Marketplace

Each smart phone comes with their standard App Store, either through Apple’s App Store, Androids Google Play Store, or the Windows Store. For androids I recommend using an app marketplace comparable to Google Play Store. It is called Blackmarket Alpha. The only downside to this alternative marketplace is that some versions of the app may not be compatible with your system, preventing you from using them. Blackmarket Alpha has many versions of the same app, so if one version is not compatible, you can download another one that replaces it.

Android Pit is an alternative to Blackmarket Alpha. You can download all your premium apps at discounted prices. So not exactly free here.

SlideMe is another excellent market place for Android users with a variety of free apps from all categories. It provides both free and premium apps, and allows you to rate them just as you would in the Google Play Store. These apps are constantly monitored to give the best quality and allows you to filter the apps by  different categories, including advanced, best rated, famous, free, paid and by Android OS version as well, such as Jellybean or KitKat.

AppBrain is another alternative that has a large assortment of Android apps. Apps can either be installed from the market directly to your device, or as an APK file and then installed. It works both on computers and is an even better marketplace than Google Play!

Only Android is yet another marketplace many avid Android users have turned to for discounted and deals on Premium Apps. They guarantee the best prices!

The last one for Android is the 1Mobile Market, which is the newest one on the block. There is a great assortment here for apps and games, and it’s quite easy to download.

Cydia is the most commonly referred to alternative app marketplace for you to download free premium apps for your iPhone. With Cydia, you must jailbreak your iPhone to use it. Here you can also get third-party custom apps after jailbreaking your phone. It is the essential program to manage your jailbroken device. This is something you Cydia is not available in Apple’s App Store, nor is it a website: it is installed on your device using a “jailbreaking” tool, such as Pangu or evasi0n.

OpenAppMkt Pro is an alternative to Cydia and allows you to even download Cydia directly from it and use without actually jailbreaking your device! Cydia Sources gives a great tutorial how to download Cydia without jailbreaking using OpenAppMkt Pro. This is a unique alternate App Marketplace for iPhone users, as it does not require jailbreaking your phone in any way. It has thousands of applications and several app categories for you to choose from. OpenAppMkt is famous for their variety of games and Siri tweaks. There are hundreds of tweaks and apps listed for Siri and same amount of Open app mkt games are listed there.

Free Market for Windows Phones was a great service which allowed you to download premium apps for free. The concept is that some developers list their apps as free in other particular regions at a given point of time. In different countries, there are different pricing for their apps. So a paid app for you, may be free in another listed market. This alternative marketplace allows you to search among all available markets and see if there is a free version of the app. All you are required to do is temporarily change your region to download it for free! Just check out how to change region and download application not available for your region so you can download your free version! App Developers didn’t like this and Windows soon removed the app from their store, and it is nowhere to be found.

There is other alternatives to the Windows Store to get Apps but they all seem to cost money. Metro Scanner, AllmyApps, Ninite, and Portable Apps are just a few alternatives. You can also try out Softonic, which is a software downloading website. Just search for apps on their website or app which redirects you to the website, and download apps for Windows.The big difference between the Windows Store and Softonic is that when you install an app, the process is more like how you install and uninstall traditional program than it is an app.

All in all I tried to list all the different ways you can download free Premium Paid Apps to your smart phone, no matter what Operating System you use. Use the method that’s best for you and the easiest for you to understand. If you have something to add to this list, please feel free to do so! I do not condone pirating, this is purely for educational purposes only. I will be following up with detailed information about each of these sources in app installation and how to use them. Thanks for sticking with me!

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